Rediscovering the leaf pile

I love fall. I love the cooler weather, the changing the leaves, the smell, and most of all, the fact my allergies are over. I have fond memories of fall as well. Growing up we had a big backyard out in the woods which meant we had some spectacular leaf piles. Our yard would get so many leaves on it that we would use a leaf blower to make these piles. And when I say leaf blower, I’m not talking about that little thing your neighbor plugs in to blow the leaves out of his bushes, I am talking about an industrial blower on wheels.

Yeah, it was fun.

But I haven’t played in a leaf pile in about 18 years.

There is something about having a young child that helps you rediscover those simple joys.

The other day there were enough leaves in our backyard that Luke, my 18 month old son, and I got a rake and made a leaf pile. And yes, he helped!

So we raked up the leaves into a pile and then put his little plastic slide in front of the leaves and sent him down the slide into the pile. Luke’s thought in a word: epic. He loved it. And for the next 45 minutes this is all we did. This face made it all worth it.


I am finding that one of the joys of being a parent is rediscovering how beautiful and fascinating this world is. Under every stone, behind every bush, in every leaf pile there is something to discover.

And as Luke discovers, I rediscover.

Ecclesiastes 3:11 tells us that eternity has been placed in the hearts of men and women. Deep within each one of us there is longing for something more in life. We feel it when we are sitting around the table with good food and good drink and people we love. There is rich conversation that is deep and meaningful as we share our lives together. We tuck our children in at night and without prompting they reach up, hug us, and whisper “I love you” without prompting. All of us have felt something like this at some point in our lives, and deep down, we hope it could go on forever.

So we pursue.

We chase.

We begin to think if I could just get that one thing, money, house, success, recognition, family, or kids then that ache in our souls would be satisfied. But it doesn’t. So we come up with a new pursuit and lay chase hoping we discover our souls longing.

As I have followed Jesus, I have found my soul discovers, or more accurately rediscovers, the thing it has been longing for. Our souls will not be satisfied by something new, rather, our soul remembers eternity as Ecclesiastes says and so will only be satisfied in rediscovering.

At one time we were known. Intimately. By the one who breathed life into us. We were known by others without shame, guilt, or feeling the need to hide. And we knew. We knew God. We knew others. We knew life without pain, wounding, oppression, and injustice.

We long for that.

One of the most attractive thing Jesus offers is an opportunity to rediscover what our soul longs for. Jesus offers exactly what our soul hopes for, pursues and chases after. The invitation of Jesus is to begin to experience that now. As Paul says, “we shall know, as we are fully known.”


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